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Fresh Barbecue Food is Waiting for You

There's not much better than a good meal, and that is doubly true when the food is made from scratch with passion and fresh ingredients. Our team at SmokinGhostsBBQ believes in this completely, and that's why we offer fresh barbecue food which satisfies while delivering unbelievable flavor and taste.

We've created our food trailer to meet the demands of Pittsburgh residents for delicious meals like authentic and great tasting Texas-style brisket and North Carolina-style pork. A unique feature of our trailer is that you won't have to go hunting across the city to find it as we will have it in one dedicated location, so you always know where to come for your barbecue fix at a reasonable price.

All our meals are made fresh daily when you order, so you get it when it's the tastiest and hot. It doesn't get any fresher or better.

Great Quality is What We Offer

There is nothing that makes us feel better than seeing the smiling faces of customers as they enjoy a homemade barbecue meal we've made for them. It combines our passion for great food with our desire to make people happy. It's a win for our customers and a win for us.

Not only are our meals tasty beyond belief, but they are also a bargain as well. For somewhere between $8 and $15, you can satisfy your craving. We feel that's pretty reasonable for meals handcrafted by award-winning barbecue cooks. We are part of the Three Taxi Guys barbecue competition team and have placed in the top ten in Whole Hog Barbecue Series in Memphis for several years in a row.

Our plans for the future are to meet our customers' needs even further through catering events and special occasions.

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